Friday, November 7, 2014


Personal Blog Posting
This year I have made it my personal goal to attempt to make some of my assessments match the ones students will see on PARCC and CMAS.  To assess the students understanding of the water cycle.  I created a drawing of with boxes students would have to move to put in the appropriate spot of the cycle.  They were then to click under each box and write some descriptors of each of the cycles.   WHAT A NIGHTMARE!!!  Students would click on one box, and then some of the boxes would be off the page.  They would click on a box and not be able to type in the box and then all the sudden the box was gone.

What did I learn?  I learned how to link all the boxes as one, the importance of teaching students the undo button, and changing the settings on the template so that all kids could access the template.  Also, the importance of making sure kids are signed in too.

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